Dr. Roy Moscattini - DDS

Duluth Dental Implant Specialist - Dr. Roy Moscattini - Nobel Smile Advisor

Dental implants are advanced dental treatment for lost or extracted teeth that provide a permanent and stable solution to this common problem.  Implants are prosthetic teeth attached to metal posts that are surgically placed in the jaw for maximum stability and longevity. Dr. Roy Moscattini of Moscattini Dental is a Nobel Smile Advisor with years of experience helping patients with dental implants in Duluth; he can work with you to determine if implant dentistry is a good option for your oral health needs.

What Are Dental Implants Used to Treat?

Duluth Dental Implants - Teeth Replacement  
Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to accidents, tooth decay, gum disease or other causes. They can also be used to replace teeth that are badly damaged, cracked or diseased, and in need of extraction to preserve oral health. For patients in need of extractions, implants can be placed immediately following. Implants can also be utilized to stabilize traditional dentures for patients who are experiencing total tooth loss and want a permanent restoration. Dr. Moscattini works with a trusted local periodontist to place the faux tooth root, or implant rod, for your restoration. Once gum tissue has healed, Dr. Moscattini finishes your tooth replacement at his Duluth dental office with a custom crown.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are preferable to traditional teeth replacement options for a number of reasons.• Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth
• They don't require you to make changes to your diet or your brushing and flossing routine
• Implants do not block the palate, so you can still enjoy the flavors of the foods that you eat
• With implants, you can help to reduce the risk of remaining teeth shifting
• The rods implanted in the jaw help to prevent bone loss that can lead to altered facial aesthetic
• They do not require alteration to existing, healthy structures to be successfully placed

Getting Dental Implants in Duluth

The first step in the implant process is a consultation. Dr. Moscattini uses our Panorex panoramic digital imaging system to take pictures of your mouth and performs a complete examination during the consultation. He will then discuss all of the options available for addressing gaps in your smile, explaining the benefits of dental implants and other procedures (if applicable). If dental implants are the treatment that would best suit you, our team helps you schedule an appointment with a partner periodontist in the Duluth area to undergo dental implant placement. Then, Dr. Moscattini provides ongoing care for the implants and monitors the treatment process to ensure success.

How Much do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implants is determined by the number required and the type used. We will discuss the specific cost with you at your consultation and explain what affordable payment options are available.
To find out more about getting dental implants in Duluth, contact Moscattini Dental to schedule your implant dentistry consultation.